Maddy Stringer’s S/S 19 collection draws inspiration from the beauty in the mundane, exploring the human desire to collect and why we can feel connected to inanimate objects. Maddy identifies with being a hoarder, her most notable collections include an extensive range of hotel soap packets and miniature doll’s house furniture items. The juxtaposition of traditional furnishing motifs and bright plastic packaging became the unexpected starting point for Maddy’s designs.

Maddy’s collection developed largely through textile experimentation, exploring new ways of manipulating, fusing and joining materials to create highly tactile and three-dimensional surfaces. Motifs and imagery from her initial research became embedded in the fabrics; hand dyed PVC was embossed with a traditional Persian rug pattern and metallic faux leather printed with a series of tiny chairs. Stacks of doll’s house plates became stacks of sequins and laser cut acrylic disks. Strips of knit, reminiscent of stair runners, were used to connect seams throughout the collection, providing a soft and delicate contrast to the structural plastics.

The shapes of the collection developed alongside the structural nature of Maddy’s materials, the plastics lending themselves perfectly to sculptural and imposing silhouettes. A full-scale Persian rug was manipulated on a mannequin to form a rectangular, packet-like shape, progressing into a series of coats and jackets to effectively display the textile surface. Some garments within the collection are comprised entirely from rectangles to create a zero-waste approach to pattern cutting.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each look comes with a different combination of textile techniques, motifs and materials. Whilst the designs originate from humorous inspiration, the resulting garments have editorial presence and luxury appeal. The addition of tiny doll’s house details completes the narrative; tiny curtain tassels hang from zip pulls and rug fringed pockets adorn trousers. The finished collection demonstrates laborious textile techniques and a high level of craftsmanship.