Mädi is a leather bag and accessory label founded by the designer Jennifer Berger. The brand highlights its Swiss heritage in various stages of the development process, creating a unique product with meticulously selected materials, combining the Swiss watch-making expertise and Portuguese leather craft. Across its creation process, Mädi tells the story of a modern Switzerland and celebrates feminine beauty through authentic looks and details.

Mädi is inspired by the traditional Swiss cut-out paper art commonly depicting the imagery of country life. By choosing new symbols, Mädi tells the story of the modern Swiss industry: watchmaking and pharmaceuticals.

After training as a jeweller at the School of Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Jennifer Berger worked for several years as a watch and jewellery designer for various fashion brands. In 2013, she decided to expand her profile by starting a Bachelor's degree in Jewellery Design and Accessories at HEAD – Geneva. Mädi is the result of the union of her first love, jewellery, with leather goods. Her first collection of handbags was unveiled at the occasion of her diploma work.

From a very young age, Jennifer has been dazzled by the Swiss landscapes where nature blends with urban decors. She now pays tribute to her heritage through a line of exclusive and top-of-the-line products.