In her collection „Expressive Lace“ Magdalena Mikulicakova develops an alternative approach towards lacemaking. By going back to the roots of the lacemaking and inspired by the technique of cutwork, lace is reinterpreted and reinvented. There is a value of narrative and emotional attachment in the meticulous handwork, and this appreciation for the craft is pronounced in each piece.  

In the collection lace is conceptually approached, brought into the conversation with Abstract Expressionist art movement and its spontaneous approach towards “making”. There is an aesthetic of decaying textile and deconstruction inspired by the rough and sloppy surfaces of the works of Abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock Lee Krasner or William de Kooning. The collection has elements of minimalism as well as maximalism. Lavish bright colors and lace-like surfaces are visually opulent and reductive aesthetic is pronounced in minimized silhouettes.

Dresses and jumpsuits are built on the corset base. The phenomenon of the fashionable human body is the background for the experimental work with the body form. Garments challenge the wearer by offering slightly odd silhouettes. These are achieved by the shift of the proportions and by distorting the images of what flattering garment silhouettes mean.