The power of colour and pattern is the main inspiration and passion behind Maia D’Costa-Kalsi’s work. A print designer based in London, grew into the innovative designer she is today through the aid of the education received from the BA Textiles course at Central Saint Martins.

Coming from an abstract art background, Maia has always been engrossed in painting from a young age. This is where her love for colour began. When introduced to the textiles world, her love for the industry and realising the fact that textiles is all around us, made her want to create for everyday life, where art can bring joy, comfort and positivity.

Maia’s graduate project explored how colour and light can aid our mental health and overall well-being. During a very difficult time for everyone, living in a pandemic, strains were put on many people’s mental health. Those with pre-existing conditions and those who hadn’t been in a dark place before. This is what started Maia’s project; through dealing with her own mental health troubles, she knew she had to motivate herself for her final project. This is where she thought of the colour blue, a colour which she has always been drawn to, which made her feel happy and inspired. From this point onwards she explored how different colours can make us feel different emotions and how we can change the way we live just by being surrounded by different colours that allow us to be the best person we can.

From researching crystals and their spiritual properties, to astrology, understanding why and how colours and light can benefit our well-being, Maia began her experimental research from home during lockdown. Sustainability was also a very important part of the project. Bioplastics were something that she researched into and created a collection of her own. This is something she wishes to develop in the future as sustainable textiles and creation is a very important part of her practice and for the sake of the planet.