My collection is mainly inspired by the movement of contemporary dance and musicians such as Patti Smith or PJ Harvey. The term femininity played a key role in my work and I wanted to combine different perceptions of this by putting the softness of the dance together with the more rough image and look of Rock’n Roll musicians. I tried to experiment with different techniques of twisting and stretching the fabric around the body and combining see-through materials with rough materials to bring together and play with feminine and masculine elements.

During the process of making the collection I was mainly listening to the music of the musicians that inspired me. It helped translating this empowering feeling that they transport with their music into my collection. To emphasise this masculine element of strength I accentuated the shoulders. I tried to use these clichés of femininity and masculinity to bring more contrast in the collection and to point my finger on how one-sided it still is how we see the masculine and the female.