Inspired by drag racing cars and their bold and eclectic drivers, this collection celebrates the sport’s daring and playful spirit. Protective wear and car interiors inform inventive pattern cutting and textiles techniques – creating new and exciting 3D surfaces using foam squares trapped in between layers of fabrics

Focusing on the contrast between rigid and flowing fabrics in exaggerated silhouettes with details borrowed from sportswear, the car’s complex construction is referenced throughout. Prints are applied to power net and layered over shiny fabrics to mimic the spray paint of the cars. Bold metallic surfaces, flame prints, flashes of bright velvet and vibrant yellow jersey add a fun, flashy element to the more complex and geometric pattern cutting.

While designing, Manon Planche is always looking for new ways of constructing pieces of clothing, challenging herself to follow a set of new rules with each project while always creating pieces that remain comfortable to wear. It may look strange, it may look heavy, it make look hard and unmanageable but as soon as you put it on, it feels good.