Everything in nature can be seen as patterns. We as a human race derive inspiration from this. We construct concrete jungles, build roads like vines and tree roots, follow a flow where feathers grow in, making us so much a.LIKE to nature. Manon’s collection is a Ready To Wear collection which takes influence from this, colliding the worlds of geometrical shapes and architecture, with the repetition found throughout nature; these elements are key details to each garments.

This collection showcases a mix of shapes, lines and patterns Manon came across over the years. Mixing architecture and nature, recreating the repetition in both fields, a.LIKE fuses these elements into wearability. Manon’s collection is a mix of street wear and formal wear keeping the base of the bomber jacket in every pieces like the coats or the jumpsuits and putting zippers instead of buttons for some shirts to make it less formal.

As textile designers they allowed their materials to dictate much of the final outcomes Taking classic garments like coats and jumpsuits, and modernising them into new classics by reinventing their shape and structure, incorporating a colour palette inspired by nature and details derived from architecture.