The study of colours and simplicity combined with a study of fabrics to obtain one of the most significant look of the “Bi/Be” collection. Red, like the colour of blood, which has no distinction. Black, like the satin of the shirt, mixed with the white eco chiffon: two opposite colours that together symbolize union and brotherhood. A man who wears more feminine details such as transparency censored by two printed flowers. Streetwear styling, to distort what used to be a composed and elegant look.

Wanting to improve his designer skills in order to be able to open his own brand Marco Bolzonello has recently graduated from Ferrari Accademy.

‘Psycho allover.’ The excess in the styling of combining two pieces printed in allover to express another characteristic of the brand. Custom t-shirt handmade exclusively for the photo shooting, with a reinterpretation of the brand logo decorated whit Japanese-inspired flower patches.