Two individuals with split identities share the same birthdates, who spent 99% together as if we are the same person as if our lives coexist as one human being. Living under each other’s shadow and following each other’s commands. Born as (fraternal) twins, not as identical, we developed a strong bond, where we learned to depend on each other more as we grew older. Let’s take for example a jigsaw puzzle if one piece is missing from the puzzle, it is not considered a finished game - that’s how we look at our lives. We need that piece in order for the game to be complete.

As of now, the two of us share the same vision in life; yet still, we are somehow quite different and we know it. This is where the split personalities come into play. We as twins developed our own unique personalities even though we grew up as close as every typical twin siblings would, but one twin would develop stronger or more dominant traits whereas the other one would develop the opposite qualities; a mirrored image. The objective of our thesis is to convey/narrate existing events that happened throughout our lives from our own personal prospectives, more like a story-telling journal.

Nature versus nurture plays a crucial part in our lives as twins as in how differently we perceive life through different bodies but being judged as one. For this project, we apply the grading system of patterns which is the method of converting size or sample size patterns into additional sizes of the body’s measurements. And as for fabrics and materials, we use natural and synthetic elements for this collection like pressed-heat vinyl applied over textiles such as horsehair, tulle, wool, and denim. These fabrics play a key role in portraying our vision of the important role of “nature versus nurture.”