This piece tells a story about a girl who is finally growing and blooming, full comfortable in her own skin and not settling for anything less that what she already is. Gentiana Lutea; a species of gentian plants native to the mountains of Southern Europe. It is not just beautiful but it also has its own natural healing power. The shapes pf the petals manifested from the silhouette of the leaves. Layering each layers to create a flower like shape.

Each petals consist of 5 layers of fabrics, silk, organza, cotton calico, kapok. Using a think inside to create the structure. A motorised dress collaborating with an engineering student, Micheal Setiawan; designing a custom made machine for the petals to create a rotating movement.


This piece from the idea of slowly progressing and accepting the healing power for oneself, and being transparently honest and conscious with ourself is a fundamental key to the healing process; realising that it takes time to grow and to bloom into a fully fleshed flower is a lifetime journey.

Each handmade wire structure warped around individually by hand one-by-one with cotton threads that are 100% natural plant dyed.