For the graduation collection designer Maria Krasnaya creates a collection about her roots and memories. The collection tells the viewer about the designer's homeland, Minsk, Belarus, and reminds the viewer of the importance of not forgetting and loving your place, motherhood. The collection is inspired by the spirit and nostalgia for her country. The designer used archival photographs for inspiration and creates prints from them.

Floral prints were made on the basis of scanned flowers; these were the flowers that the designer's great-grandmother loved. The inspiration was taken from Soviet photographs, national costumes of Belarus, structures of ancient castles in Belarus, as well as grandmother's lace tablecloths and carpets.

The lightness of the collection is emphasized by transparent fabrics, and the 3D forms used in the collection are very laconic and feminine, which emphasizes the style and mood of the collection. One of the strengths of the collection is it's texture. The designer used the old way of gathering the fabric, various types of folds and created her own “shaggy” fabric, made by hand by punching the fabric.

The final line-up of the collection conveys the mood of the designer. All looks are harmonious and light. The delicate fabrics convey the subtlety of the collection. And the unique “shaggy” fabric reminds us of the traditional style and texture of a tapestry or carpet. Hand-crafted fabric highlights the designer’s inspiration.