Mariely graduate collections from her research done in Oaxaca, Mexico. She was influenced by colourful inspirations from this city in the south of Mexico. She wants to create a concept that uses these beautiful colours that are transmitted in the most elaborated handmade-techniques from artisans in her country.

Using the traditional handmade techniques from artisans, she has introduced these details in the collection. These embroideries were made by waistloom technique. Using the technique waistloom to weave the threads that were dyed with natural ingredients such as indigo. This deep colour blue was made by the indigo plant. The next step was to weave with the technique. The fabrics used for this capsule, were a combination of natural organic fabrics such as cotton. However due to nature of the concept of mixing western inspirations; there was also the introducion of polyester. Some of the fabrics were leftovers that artisans used to construct their garments.

The natural dyes in this collections were from the blue indigo plant. This was used to dye the threads which were used for the belts of the dresses.

These are the embroideries made by chain stitch technique. These were made by the help of the very antique sewing machine brought from England.

A noteworthy characteristic in the collection is the use of non-western styles for this concept, and mixing in this time two non-western countries Mexico and Japan. The concept is also related with Frida Kahlo, because she was one of the most reputable woman in Mexico with such strength. One of the most famous painters in history and an extraordinary woman that represented strength in those years for the Oaxaca women in Mexico. It is said that this is one of the reasons she feel identified and she feel so in love with the culture from this city. She loved to use Tehuana garments.

This is the final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, there wear some difficulties to develop the whole looks. The collection was a small one.