With a great interest to mix traditions with modernity and creating collaborations with artisans and design creatives; Mariely is a recently graduated Womenswear designer based in London.

Until Summer 2021, when Mariely was pursuing her MA Fashion Design Womenswear at Istituto Marangoni London, she was focused on achieving innovative and sustainable designs that would create great opportunities and markets into Luxury Fashion sector.

Her collections explore ways to introduce Traditional Mexican embroideries that are handmade by authentic artisans from Mexico, introducing them in a modern way.

The main theme of their collections are the strength that women represents around the world and the importance to feel comfortable and confident with what they are wearing everyday. For her it is very important to take the boundaries that nature gives us through the incorporation of natural dyed ingredients such as indigo, cochineal insects, plants, nuts; these are used to dye embroidery details made by the artisans in Mexico. She also believes that one of the main elements of Luxury must be authenticity through the handmade process.