Marine Beybudyan's 'Entangled' collection was initially inspired by Louise Bourgeois artwork, explores an idea of knots as a form of therapy for mental illnesses. Bourgeois considered art as a "form of psychoanalysis", offering unique access to the unconscious, as well as a form of psychological release. Exploration of knotted shapes convey mixed emotions and feelings such as anxiety, fear and anger.

This collection is meant to make you feel that you are either trapped or uncomfortable in yourself. The knotted garments give off the feeling of being trapped as the jersey garments hug tightly around the body, while the tight layered jersey is meant to represent the anxiety one can feel and layers of feelings on top of you. For her final project Marine collaborated with textile student Mia Anderson to create beautiful details for garments. The textiles are influenced by the feelings created by mental health issues, taking an abstract approach to these emotions by creating sculptures to express each feeling and influence design ideas.

The development of the colour palette came from the idea of the garments being skin tight to make you feel trapped which influenced the idea of skin tones for each jersey look, while incorporating some earthy tones into the textiles to contrast against the dark and pale nudes.