Marta Stok is a recently graduated jewellery designer and object enthusiast based in London with an experimental and resourceful approach to materials. Her work is contemplative, driven by a spontaneous process of selecting, preserving and manipulating discarded objects into sustainable, desirable materials.

Marta’s collection explores 'civilised' society’s threshold of disgust towards the animal body. Transforming rejected fish skin into abstract pieces inspired by objects – such as napkins and handkerchiefs – associated with status and domesticity, her work straddles the boundary between desirable and grotesque, familiar and alien, 'civilised' and 'savage'. By integrating these dualities, she creates pieces that confront us with the uncomfortable liminal space between human and animal, a visceral reminder of how disconnected we have become from our animal origins.

Interpretive text by Yongxin Qiu

BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation (CSM)