Marta Torrent’s graduate collection ‘Urban Mines’ was built using parts and pieces of different discarded electronic devices. Marta wanted to create a collection only using e-waste as raw materials. She collected dozens of old electronic artefacts (e-waste) dumped in London streets for repurposing. Her collection is based around the industrial style and the Mad max aesthetics. The first artifact was built using a scrap Washing Machine and the second one using a broken Vacuum cleaner.

The first step was to disassemble the scrap machines. Each of them had hundreds of different pieces inside, and were composed by lots of different materials. When each picece was taken apart they were classified by material and size.

After the disassembly Marta started to design and build the new artifacts, and she repurposed the two machines. She turned the Washing Machine into a Pottery Wheel, to be able to make pottery with it. Then, she repurposed the Vacuum Cleaner into a clay Extruder; to complete the ceramic workshop.

This is Marta’s final collection line up. She has built her own workshop using e-waste and now she is willing to use each one of her new machines to make ceramics. She has started to work with them and made some pieces and she wants to continue exploring.