‘Displacedness’ by Martí Salip Ventura is heavily influenced by how one interacts with the garments in their own wardrobe. The technical intention of this project reflects how to find beauty in what has been thrown away. By analysing how the garments in his wardrobe have been made and contextualising this through the multi-layered experience of style Salip explored his relationship to the body, the process of deconstruction, fusion and re-making to instil new purpose.

Using photography as a primary tool, Salip made an archive of all the clothing he wears. This archive would serve as a tool to look inwards and draw silhouettes, colours and textures that would influence the final collection. Gathering clothes either from donations, donated deadstock of charities, some were even found in the street. Trying to align the clothing that he gathered with the fabrics from his development as much as possible, he knew that not everything found would be suited to what he originally had in mind. Though in this approach, Salip was drawn to the possibilities for play and for unique outcomes.

Collaging was the main process Salip used to develop and investigate his ideas and explore the possobilites of each garment. Initially using just the images taken he deconstructed the garments digitally which allowed him to play with ideas before physical creation - this reduced waste and time.

Due to restricted workshop access Salip was only able to create half of looks one and two of this line up. The rest of the collection is based on the gathered clothes that were intended to be upcycled into the rest of looks. Although they were not all able to come to live he was happy to be able to fully visualise silhouettes digitally as it provided freedom from the restriction that comes with physcial construction.