Martina Giammillari’s graduate collection ‘Space Race’ was influenced by elements found in 1960s wardrobe combined with the winter soul of the Z generation. Martina was born in 1998 in Como, growing up frequenting the Swiss mountains where every winter she goes skiing. As a child, she falls, breaks her suit and discovers the padding for the first time. She is fascinated, the idea of being able to protect and beautify a fragile body makes her fall in love. Martina wanted to create a collection that both used texture and geometric elements which show off her personal design style, as well as her love for padding and cut-out.

“I want to influence more people to consider sustainability within their work and have the confidence to create clothes that hold stories from their previous owners which will contribute to your own story when you wear them,” says Liberty. “This is something I have highlighted within this collection, I have re-purposed memorabilia that I’m sure has been enjoyed by many and now it can be enjoyed in a new way, in your way, and that is so important to me as a designer.”

Using collage, and hand made textures she has created a bright collection. These show a range of collage styles from graphic to very textural. Using these, Martina then scanned them into photoshop to be cleaned up, altered and further collaged into artwork to be either printed digitally on waterproof nylon.

In the 60s garments were printed with many patterns, Martina wanted to make this collection innovative making these geometric designs through the technique of cut-out.

This is Martina’s final collection line up. The garments were made for the opening of the 100th Pitti Uomo.