Martina’s collection titled ˇThe Trip’ is inspired by her childhood spent in the forest in Slovakia, mushroom foraging. Martina is inspired by the mushrooms she had found in the forest and uses them for mushroom cultivation as well, with which she studies the patterns, colours as well as uses the mushroom mycelium for her jewellery.

Researching colours found in the nature and their meaning and symbolism. Study of Colours plays important part in Martina’s work.

Martina plays with the idea of Mushrooms, serving as an extention to the body, growing out of the ears, twirling around fingers and becoming part of the human.

The first design renders show the visualisations of primary shapes as well colour and material combinations. The jewellery is made from hand engraved silver, stone carved semi precious stones and pearls.

The final renders show the visualisations of final pieces. The two necklaces, representing portals have mushroom mycelium inside of them. The Mycelium is cultivated by Martina and set inside of crystal rock , where it continues to grow and change its structure. They represent tiny planets made from mushrooms, hidden inside of precious jewellery.