Mary Chan’s design ‘Second Skin’ is a handbag that embodies a sensual connection to our body and soul. By using drapes and folds of leather to mimics layers of skin and body volume, the design evokes a sense of safeness, comfort, and brings the handbag to life by giving it a humane personality. The handbag is made out of moulded veg-tanned leather to enhance body curvature - finding beauty in shapes and lines of the body that we are often too afraid to show.

Mary was initially inspired by Ancient Greek sculptures where women were not afraid to show their body and use drapes of fabric to enhance body curvature. The surprising change to today’s beauty standards inspired Mary to design a bag that embraces body positivity and the beauty in different shapes and sizes. Performing the best of modern craftsmanship, ‘Second Skin’ is a representation of personal value in the commercialised industry of handbags.

Mary is also often inspired by strong geometric movement and architecture. Her work focuses on discovering maculinity and edge in combination with gentle and feminine movement. Repetition, material manipulation and structure is often seen in her work as an emphasis on power and unity. Mary hopes to empower women through big concepts including body positivity, culture and fashion politics.