Max Zara is a womenswear designer with a passion for shapes, creative pattern cutting and technical solutions. From a personal fascination with the body as a way to express, Max Zara designs clothing wherein movement plays a leading role. Max Zara tries to unite her designs with the body and its flow, listening to the voice of the material worn.

By further exploring the relevance of movement in design, Max Zara has found herself immersed in the world of dance. In addition to using dance as a source of inspiration, Max Zara has started collaborating with choreographers to design costumes and sets. For Max Zara, dance is a tool to reinforce and expand the relationship between the garment and the body; A way to draw attention to three-dimensionalities and the comfort of the design.

Max Zara recognises the necessity of art in fashion as well as the importance of quality and durability in design.