Being intrigued by Viennese singer Falco greatest hit „Rock Me Amadeus“ my collection only can be built around music as a visual language. In particular, the rebellious spirit of rock music is the beat of my graduation collection at the fashion department in Antwerp 2019. I’m from Vienna, the city of music. We love Mozart and we are crazy about Falco. Therefore music has been part of my cultural heritage and education ever since. In Vienna, we learn to dance the waltz for “ball season” in highschool. Rock music is my passion and immanently connected to my coming of age period and rebellion. To end my time at the royal academy of fine arts, I choose for my graduation collection what has been most dear to me since the very beginning of my creative progress. Rock – Baroque – Punk. Rock Me Amadeus combines my interests of the baroque, the historical period wich Mozart rocked, and rock´n´roll culture.

These subjects might seem to be different but if you take a closer look it is obvious they share similarities in their violence in the display. Dominant, loud, excessive, overstimulation, romance, both topics follow some kind of code, let's call it etiquette. The historical period has been an inspiration in rock culture, (f.e. deep purple), so I decided to create my vision of classical men's attire to be attributed by glam rock chick. A collection basically contributed to men´s suit with punk and romantic features and some baroque notes.

By using Jacquard patterns of animal print and roses I connect historic semiotic codes with wild „rock spirit“ in suits and shirts. I worked with zippers, a lot of them! Referred to as “hard rock” or “heavy metal” as my garments with zippers became very heavy. I recreated David Bowie´s striped suit by recreating these stripes from zippers on black velvet. I made „fleurs des lys“ with zippers in order to refer to the “sun king” as a figure in the centre of attention, like Mark Bolan on stage at a gig. Scarfs made from feathers as well as the blue and red coloured lenses of my „bal masqué“ eyewear emphasise on an excentric rebellious lifestyle. They are closed with bows in the back, almost covering the Mullets, worn by Rock Stars like Rod Steward, David Bowie and Keith Richards. My collection is about music, youth culture and artists who created outstanding pieces in rock music and the baroque period.