Maxwell Shoroye is a Product Designer and a sound enthusiast from Ireland. He uses his experience in DJing to mix, distort and blend sounds to create a new way of design thinking. Shoroye develops ways in which to depict invisible sound that surrounds us. By using sound as a means to create different landscapes. Using sound as a tool for visual communication. Sound frequency from various Afro-psychedelic rock songs and sounds transform new form, shape and colour. The computational process is used to realise new landscapes by positioning sound as the engine for new creation.

Maxwell highlights the importance of sound in everyday culture and society. Employing music as a passport to explore different eras, emotions and worlds, Maxwell investigates his Nigerian heritage through his work, uncovering unsung pioneers of Afro-psychedelic Rock, developing social exchanges between music and fashion.

Extending the sound and form development, referencing headwear pieces worn by band members during the Nigerian Rock era. Generating new variants based on the song produced these bands. Sound becomes an important component of Maxwell work. Allowing him to extend the range and imagination of fashion and design