The collection is inspired from digital footprints recorded by Google, revealing our digital twin and a new internet culture which reflects our digital life. You can be anything you want online, as the internet is a space that promotes visibility as the ultimate equalising platform. Internet culture has been the biggest inspiration for Mayya's designs for many years. There are three significant steps in creating a data-based collection. The first step is to collect data from Google trends.

The second step is to put the data into a diagram to analyse different points of a common pattern to create the "ultimate design”. Looking at the relationship between each garment and creating patterns. For example, when people search for trousers. Joggers and suit trousers are the top search and therefore, a combination of those two garments is the reflection of the data trend.

The final step is creating 3D products based on the data and the pattern. Working from two dimensional internet searches and transforming them into three dimensional garments can be challenging because not everything will be working as you might have thought, so in the process of toile-making, would always require to go back and look at the data and redesign.