Through exquisite, fine pressed pleating and an array of lightweight fabrics, the infamous ‘flutter’ of the butterfly has been captured within the movement of this collection. The garments themselves appear as if they have grown their own wings, through reimagining classic pattern templates in to ultra-feminine silhouettes. From pale pinks to sapphire blues, this collection, although limited in the range of colours, displays elegant purpose in how they have been applied.

Texture is something that has been purposely used and practiced in every garment. Fabrics such as velvet, mohair, faux fur, knitted copper and light and silky satins. Techniques such as Devorè and screen printing are dominant features, as well as small areas of reflective embellishments, which catch the light. A sense of fragility intensifies through the delicate laser cut butterfly wings, beautifully breakable with a single stroke. The hunger to handle the textiles and fabrics with in the collection stems from the desire to touch a butterfly’s wings, but knowing that you shouldn’t.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional pattern cutting and finishing. Zhang's design tells a story of how fashion pieces present a defined beauty and atmosphere, through the considered combination of fashion pieces and background. The resulting end products demonstrate the impression of the crash and fusion, between contemporary civilisation and eastern legacy.