A Journey into a psychedelic landscape. Read Only Memory, a film by John Maybury, takes us on an experimental trip into an alternate microcosm. Megan Cummings’s collection, Microdose, desires to enter this world, translating surreal visuals, moods and feelings through the medium of cloth. Along with influences from 1980s club culture which catalysed the films production. Ultimately the collection is creating a physical portal into Maybury’s mind-bending tour.

Drawing from the hallucinogenic effect of an acid trip and the visual motion trails experienced, Cummings has developed a dynamic sample emulating them; particularly inspired by a scene with club kid pioneer, Leigh Bowery, roaming around with a multi-hued trail following him creating interesting contours. Changing the scale, angle and placement of this sample through draping and digital prototyping Cummings has created her unique silhouettes. Combining these sculptural silhouettes with a feminine edge completes this womenswear collection.

Stills from the film were turned into negatives and used to create cyanotypes for the digital prints and digital collages for screen prints to adorn the garments, utilizing the imagery from Read Only Memory gives an insight into the psychedelic realm. Each outfit in this collection conveys a different element of the trip from the intense entry to the subtle comedown.