Megan Haining is a recently graduated Women & Mens-wear designer based in Scotland.

Until Summer 2020, when Megan was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Heriot-Watt, she had always been focused on incorporating sports into fashion in a new way to create a more dressed up every day look to sports wear. As well as bringing attention to the winter sports - particularly figure skating - as it something she has always loved due to growing up as a competitve ice skater representing scotland at many competitions. Megan’s ken eye for design and trends came from skating where she picked up on different subcultures and looks of skaters and her love of style and fashion was born.

The marks a skater makes on the ice tell a story of the movement, it creates pathways of where the skater has been and where they are going. Through this, shapes and patterns are formed giving a beginning, middle and end to their journey.

Her collection looks into the technical movement and positioning of professional figure skaters on the ice, represented by shapes transferred into the silhouette through a series of ice layouts.

Together with the combination of my concept my collection will look at traditional and non-traditional pattern cutting in order to develop upon shapes and style lines of skaters. Focusing more cutting and re sewing ice marking shapes in order to imbed the shapes of the ice into the garments and so she could submerge the skater’s journey into the garment’s construction.

Megan’s designs challenge the idea and stereotyped look of figure skating and takes a subtle approach to the sport by focusing on the technical side of skating to create a more artistic approach to the theme of figure skating in fashion – she hoped to capture this by illustrating the journey of a skater in an experimental format through the collection focusing on shape, silhouette and texture.