Megan Marshall moved from Essex to live on the Island of Guernsey at 8 years old and lived with her step mum and Dad for 6 years in the parish of St Martins. Growing up there had a tremendous impact on her life. Megan spent a large majority of her time in the water and sea as a dedicated member of Guernsey Swimming Club and frequenting Vazon Bay. Megan’s Final Collection is a Love letter to Guernsey influenced by her unique experience and memories of life there - ‘ISLAND GIRL’ was born.

Megan was exploring the Island's heritage and discovered the Gansey (Guernsey) which was first documented on the island in the 16th Century. Originally the Gansey is knitted by wives, mothers and sweethearts of fishermen and farmers to stave off bracing winds and rain. The use of worsted wool from the 1600's onwards meant that Guernseys were extra durable and super weather resistant, springing back into shape after washing or a good soaking after a storm.

Megan began working with extremely skilled hand knitters and sourced hand dyed British yarns in vibrant greens and purples. The bright green Gansey, the ‘Seasick Gansey’, is a nod to the amount of time she spent on the beach and in the water, also her research of Fisherman in the Isles. The purple Gansey, the 'Heather Gansey' is reminiscent of her walks in the country lanes around the Island. Megan completed the looks with Bright Green Linen Shorts & Tie Dye Broderie Anglaise Joggers. Keeping the Ganseys as the statement pieces of the Collection.