Megan O’Cain’s collection, “The Land of Pip and Honey” is centered around childhood nostalgia and a sense of escapism. The collection’s silhouettes and prints are drawn from a dream world, The Land of Pip and Honey which is home to many different characters all of whom have unique personalities and developed identities. The Land of Pip and Honey is inspired by films O’Cain had watched growing up from the late 1960s and early 70s and a heavy influence on the illustration, narrative quality, and sense of vibrancy of the time. The collection revolves heavily around a sense of whimsy and challenges expectations of elegance and refinery in fashion, instead focusing on fun and playfulness.

The silhouettes rounded exaggerated nature was derived by the shapes and sensibilities of many of the characters in the above illustration. From their personalities deeper illustrative studies were used to develop silhouettes from the Land of Pip and Honey that could be seen once the wearer returns from their dream to NYC. The collection is therefore a meeting of escapism and reality and embodies questions of the role of playfulness in both.