Megan Rose’s collection ‘obsessive|compulsive chaos’ is in aftermath from her most recent collection banepn valeri, where a new sense of understanding is found through the element of collecting. ‘Obsessive|compulsive chaos’ moves on from the formal elements of collecting- entertaining a more obsessive, compulsive chaotic association surrounding collecting with a strong focus on symbolising objects in place and being.

The collection really captivates the impact upon obsessive compulsive hoarding, developed from the initial inspiration of her Grandmother and her unusual rage of collections on display within her home. From this Megan Rose ventured further into the idea of collecting and found a small part of Barcelona, where people find items laying around, place them together as a collection and sell for money. This idea of bringing together items with no specific meaning or no further use and giving them purpose and life really excites Megan Rose. These mini collections spread around the streets of this little town within Barcelona then became the backbone to her collection.

Megan Rose’s focus on the identification of objects within these collections allows for a graphic layering and movement within design and technique. The collection secures contrast in chaos of print in relation to size and proportion, while underpinning the elements of space and form in collaboration with colour. The intense, vibrant collection consists of a cohesive yet conflicting range of silk fabric samples. These created through an expressive development of design and detail in narrative. There is a strong bond of fabric choices within this collection, delicate silks and organza’s allow for a pure and raw sense of luxury, alongside heavy cottons and stretch lycras exploring variety and engaging in the sense of the collector.