Megan wanted to present the idea of reflection, layers and silhouette through her collection. Through her design process she would refer back to her concept and colour boards to gain inspiration on how the layering of the images could develop into garments.

The silhouettes are inspired by the transparent flower photographs and how gentle yet impactful they were. The layering of the images inspired Megan to create the pleating throughout her collection, she wanted to use a range of pleating techniques to create depth and detail.

Megan wanted to create a contemporary way of getting in and out of the garments, it was only by accident when toiling that she left the zipper hanging off the edge of the garment, and it developed into using a 2.7 metre zip to go round the whole garment and act as a strap.

She wanted to highlight this detail, so through colour development she found that she wanted to hand dye the zips a bright yellow to contrast against the darker colours. Megan also hand dyed the yellow socks to give a head to toe look, this styling idea along with the zips ran through the whole collection.

When going through the design process the original idea for reflection was more of a concept and a metaphor, however through fabric research she found fabrics that were reflective, this gave a heightened sense to the whole collection. The fabrics had a strong impact due to the striped and stitching detail, so through the process of sampling Megan found that she wanted to place the stripes in different directions to construct a visually, dimensional element to the collection.