Ethereal. Feminine. Liberating. Sport and street wear are overcrowding the fashion market so she wanted to be different and stand out therefore her collection is the complete opposite displaying softer, floaty silhouettes.

The hidden meaning behind her collection is mental health and well-being which is one of the most challenging and prominent issues in today’s society especially in the current global pandemic. Her collection aims to make everyone feel calm and liberated in such a pressured world where people push themselves to be perfect in the eye of social media. This three-outfit collection, conveys the idea of both freedom and restriction through its shapes. A sheer baby doll dress and a parachute overlay with a PVC neck piece. A tiered, gathered maxi dress with a laced up corset showing the contradiction of liberation and confinement; and a final outfit composed of sheer wide legged trousers, a printed tunic and PVC hooded neck piece.

In the future she wants to grasp a wide range of opportunities that captures her creativity and would allow Megan to broaden her skillset and knowledge in the fashion industry. She will challenge herself to explore her brand identity further in order to push boundaries and be bold ensuring she stands out with thought provoking, powerful concepts. She is extremely passionate about the design process and it is something she wants to indulge and experiment with further in future collections. During her time at university she began to explore areas such as styling, visual communications and fashion photography. She thrived in the opportunity to complete the whole collection and then market it and would be interested in developing these skills further.