Meghna’s ‘Unpicking Wardrobes’ is a collection of ten vessels that are sourced from the discarded boxes in charity shops. These are then carefully unpicked, seam by seam to be converted into flat fabric. She then wraps them into vessels, giving them a new repurposed life.

She positions these pieces in a unique space that Von Busch describes as, ‘designing material artefacts as well as social protocols’. Behavioural change plays an important role in sustainability. She believes that engaging with this process of making, stimulates the behaviour of building relationships with the material used. It also triggers creativity in a person’s mind to experiment, understand and play with more such garments and materials.

Her goal to take this project forward is through workshops and ‘make your own’ activity booklets as they facilitate an environment that encourages engagement and the formation of associations and memories. She believes engagement with materials, people, and social scenarios of repurposing would lead to awareness and knowledge building about the world we live in.

She conducted a few workshops through the pandemic, bringing out the value in people’s garments one vessel at a time. She endorses Chapmans words, ‘Products are fleeting, only materials can last forever'.