An Indonesian fashion designer based in Tokyo, Japan. Recently graduated with BA in Fashion Design from Bunka Fashion College.

Telling stories through fashion as one of the women living in this ever-changing era, she transforms these experiences into pieces of clothing that speak to the social changes and cultures impacting our lives.

Using flowers as a symbol for femininity, her latest collection encapsulates the natural form of flowers and what it is made up of: from beautiful drapes of fabric creating 3D petals to structured larger-than-life silhouettes with blooming motion brought to life by customised robot.

Growing up, she realised that society has all this gender boxes and its definition of what it means to be a woman or a man. Since we were little, we have grown accustomed to suppressing our feminine sides. But we often forget that regardless of our gender, we all have a feminine side inside us. So this collection is an invitation to find that flower inside you, embrace it and let it bloom.