Menteath is innovative smoke infused skincare that speaks to the brain. We are paving the way for skincare whereby our product when applied directly to the epidermis influences the condition of the skin and its protective function via the nervous system. Scientific progress in neuroscience today links the nervous system and the brain, with our overall skin health, making Menteath a pioneer brand in smoke-infused neuro-cosmetics.

Drenched in smoke bathed oils and infused with scents inspired by Felicity’s hikes across wild landscapes, each product is unique and perfectly crafted to nourish you senses as deeply as your body, soothing your mind and soul. Organic and wild grown ingredients are blended for their individual potencies to bring you skincare that works, naturally.

Menteath is an award winning British made organic skincare and fragrance brand. We fuse traditional smoke rituals from the Middle East and Old England bringing neuroscience and skincare together through ancient traditions, conservation, wildlife, with beauty in nature.