Mica Keating is 2020 graduate from Northumbria University. She maintains an all neutral colour pallet and builds texture through silhouette and fabric manipulation with a constant historic concept in mind.

Mica always focuses on the North of England when design is in mind. Wether it be women from the past, the present or the future, strong female influence is always at the centre of her work.

Growing up in a West Yorkshire mining town, extremely patriarchal and often praising its male heroines made her realise that it’s imperative to research the often forgotten about women and honour them within her FMP.

It is evident how many powerful female roles played a part within Northern history and not just the stay at home, support the husband type either.They were grafters.

Mica’s womenswear, all white, quilted collection draws attention to the unsung heroes of the Northern pits. Each look highlights the uniform that labelled these women in the 1800’s as ‘unfit mothers’, with comparisons to the male gaze 'coal queens’ in the 80’s male dominated workplace. A newspaper article from the earlier era described working women in trousers as 'the most sickening sight’.

Mica’s satire spin on this focused on exaggerating the bottom half of each look. Trouser wearing dust collecting layers are mirrored with feminine details and typically masculine proportions. The pit brow lasses dressed as they did for work whilst battling horrific equality rights whilst the coal queens of the 80’s dressed in near to nothing for the pleasure of a competition.

One group were ostracised for being female, one group were awarded.