Renaissance and the celebration of Classicism are definitely the inspiration behind this collection, mixed with the extravagance and the opulence of the French court of Louis XIV. My research started with the investigation of this historical figure and it court. I didn’t stop just on the outside though, I went deeper, and I started to investigate the social interactions and structure of a court marked by contradiction, excess and search or redemption.

More importantly though, I looked into the relationship between Louis and his women, figures often forgotten on history books but definitely relevant in the formation of this important King and his way to rule. Therefore, this collection turned into a celebration of the strength of women daughters of a time in which they had just the duty to get married and procreate but at the same time they had rights given to them buy their social status, rights that some women are still fighting to obtain in today society. This brought the collection towards a more combative and military inspired elements to give that strength and power needed in today’s social and political clime.


The woman that I described, is a modern representation of what a lady of Louis’s court would be today. a woman elegant and refined but at the same time strong and empowered, ready to fight for what she believes and define her strength and power. The strength and power of this woman is defined by the acid colours of this modern representation of a brocade. the custom lace, the Swarovski crystals, the glitter vinyl and the foil recall to the refined and precious embellishment of the Couture, another source of inspiration in this collection. Everything is detailed and enriched but at the same time constructible and versatile, to represent the dualism between the sophistication and dynamism of a strong woman of today.