Michel Kabbany is a Lebanese Armenian fashion designer. Beirut based since his early years, Michel was born in the modern 90’s with an indisputable love to eccentric arts and fashion.

His passion paved his way through one of the most renowned fashion schools in Beirut; ESMOD (École Supérieure des Arts et Technique de la Mode) following the steps of the biggest names in the business. Alumni of 2012, Michel debuted his professional career surrounded by the best names in the market through Dubai and Beirut including Azzi & Osta.

Michel has always been inspired by intricate and challenging personalities, so he decided in 2019 to launch his first collection “Galileo” portraying the impact of the celebrated polymath on his life and art. The collection came after a level of professional maturity that Michel reached throughout his years of passionate experience in the market.

Michel runs today the brand “Michel Kabbany” putting his passion into fabric,leaving his personal mark of quality craftsmanship and philosophy.