Michelle Sucipta’s graduate collection ‘gazed’ was influenced by the illusionary “perfect figure” and the “ideal beauty” nowadays, of having a cinched waist and thick lower part of the body (bottom and hips). Looking back at the Victorian era, where women had to dress in complicated layered of clothing ,consisted of corsets, crinolines, bustles, etc. The collection includes a Canadian smoking and a print developed throughout the year to harmonize the sheer organza and textured fabrics such as jacquard, linen textured tweed, and a range of textured polys. Her collection is based on harmonious white, white-beige, light blues and pale yellow, to reminisce Victorian era’s mood

Developing her collection through more and more collages, which creates a delicate shape taking the idea of crinolines, changing that far from the stereotype crinolines which is structured and stiff, into becoming a very sheer panelled skirt, and other garments. Within her final year, she was in Indonesia for the first 2 terms of the year, which caused her struggle to find a textured fabric she wanted. So instead, she had an idea of creating her own textured fabric, which is through smoking.
She also developed this iconic draped boyish shorts attached to a corset, the silhouette and details are achieved through her collages too. the Canadian smock are 1cm by 1cm each squares which successfully creates the textured fabric look she wanted.

This is Michelle’s final collection line up.Despite the corona virus pandemic, she is still currently working on her 6 final garments for the show collection. she has successfully made 3 outfits last term, but she will have some changes for those outfits in terms of fabrics. Michelle’s final line up collection portrays a chic feminine, romantic effortless vibe which she initially aimed in the first place.