Michelle researched over her families history over many generations and it became apparent to her that textile processes were passed from one generation to the next. For example, her mother taught her skills and processes from which her own mother passed onto her. These skills are iconic and instilled within our roots, something which she want to continue as these skills once passed are at the risk of dying out.

Michelle aims to make the viewer really see beyond traditional textiles as dated, by refreshing traditional methods into modern and contemporary designs. It is a shame to see these skills only in the hands of the ageing generation. However, changing the perception of these skills as 'crafty' could be achieved through highly skilled works of art. lt's where the new world order and the old clash. Coming from a long line of family run butchers, this history dates back from 1890s. Connecting to this Michelle integrated the butcher twine as a key material in her collection weaving them together using traditional Irish linen technique.

Michelle's collection stand for mixing of modern sculptural shapes and exploring the parallels and cross overs between traditional textiles and the contemporary market. Michelle's designs are an electric awakening of craft it is as much about finding new meanings for the old tradition as it is about exercising new muscles.