Miette Farrer’s graduate collection, created in collaboration with Katie Westwood, was inspired by craft processes and the reinvention of the familiar. Drawing inspiration from the mass produced shirt and jeans, innovative textile techniques were explored to recreate the shadows, creases and suggestion of these garments. With the focus on process, techniques were pushed to the limits in order to recreate entire fabrics.

The importance of slow fashion is reflected through the time consuming processes of hand painting, cutting, manipulating and stitching to create fabrics and garments, opulent hand beading was then added to further play on this contrast between high fashion and an everyday wardrobe staple. The collection is not aimed at either gender but rather aims to create a balance between the delicate and the structured, the romantic and the bold. The nature of these statement pieces blur the line between fashion and art.

The deconstruction of a familiar garment, and reconstruction in an experimental manner aims provoke thought in viewers of what we deem as ‘normal’, ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. The garments are designed and created to be appreciated in their detail, statement pieces that go against the notion of mass production. With sculptural elements the pieces bring wearable art into the realm of fashion.