Miho Ishizuka’s project titled “The Body Is Temporarily Removed”, started from a simple question regarding the relationship between the body and jewellery. She finds when jewellery attracts attention and draws gaze onto itself, often our body tends to be concealed and blurred behind the bling. In order to bring our body back to the center stage under the spotlight, she created this jewellery collection to showcase and celebrate our ever-changing mortal body.

The collection pieces are inspired from museum display props like numbering blocks, captions and graphic scales. Ishizuka explored the visual design of such supporting elements in museums and the way they highlight artefacts by guiding our eyes to artefacts through them, then transfered the idea into the relation to body and jewellery by re-designing them to be wearable on body. With carefylly picked materials such as buffalo horn, mother of pearl, recycled silver and perspex, her pieces have a good balance of the image of original motif and also a little preciousness as jewellery.

Like the word,‘body’ doesn’t only mean our physical body but also something which is an essential main section, she believes that our body should be the principal part while jewellery stay ancillary. Her designs, reflecting her such thought, give us an opportunity to see our over-looked body with refreshed eyes by presenting as if it is an artifact worth to observe with the supportive jewellery pieces.