Miki Huang’s graduate project is exploring the relationship between people and objects in a special period, but in essence, it is studying how to combine clothes and the environment to solve people's inertia to fashion, and provide a variety of lazy fashions from daily life. . Inspiration will present a series of functional clothing from the combination of objects in life. She has been committed to designing objects that resonate with people and objects. It can be clothing or decoration. It can solve the embarrassment in public, and can also provide deeper interaction with objects. In this project, I tried to combine interaction design and fashion merchandising to achieve a multifunctional display of clothing. Regarding scenarios, she is more about exploring their emotions to give them a special solution to fashion, and show their emotions and behaviors through clothing. Her self-help guide is mainly for a series of people who are afraid of the noise of the outside world. They can choose these products to cover and protect themselves, or they can use products to decorate and display themselves. The silhouette of the clothes will be heavier, because this reflects the role of support (protection). At the same time, she also used some furniture details and finish to embellish clothes, because lazy people usually stay at home and will continue to rely on things at home to reduce the pressure on human from the outside world.

Using a lot of performence practices, home object textures such as sofa and cabinet and speritualideas she has created a project with transforming looks. These show a range of details from the inside look of the objects and try to apply those technique to a garment piece. once the tesing completed, she will select the similar touch feeling or visualize fabric to push to next step in order to express those transformation. And she also focus on the little componence of those design, which following using the screw and door handle to match the spicific object in order to hide themselves from the space.

This is Miki’s final project line up. Each of “equiment” look shows several playful way to dress, even off body, they always contribute function whenyoiu stay at inside door.