Graduating in summer 2021, Miko is a London based jewellery designer maker. With an intrigue in finding beauty in unlikely places, her work often aims to challenge what we perceive to be aesthetically pleasing. There is an understated beauty in the mindless every-day tasks we perform – leaving behind (often non-permanent) traces of our existence. Working in metal allows me to capture an action or a moment that would be easily overlooked; and turn it into something that can be appreciated for a long time.

Miko’s collection celebrates food in its simplest form. As a counterpoint to the “flawless” photos of food we’ve all become so used to seeing on social media, Miko elevates what is normally overlooked – food scraps. By casting leftover fruit and vegetable offcuts in precious materials, she immortalises their neglected beauty. This is both a reflection of her personal relationship to the process of cooking and a commentary on society’s failure to acknowledge the waste it creates when striving for perfection.  

Interpretative text by Jazi Charbit, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation