Milagros Pereda’s collection works on the comparison of an iconic item, the monoblock stackable chair, as a representation of industrialization and serial production, to Werner aissslinger’s version of a stackable chair made of natural fibers. The contrast between artisanal and industrial work is the main focus, so this collection takes the iconic item, the white shirt, and works on its many variants, turning it into artisanal work, by manual interventions of the fabrics which convey an infinite repetition. All of the materials used are 100% natural fibers.

Inspired by Werner Aisslinger’s chair and the instalation where he showed it, Milagros Pereda works on creating her own wool, from sheep that live freely in her family’s farm.

Page from the sketchbook- where you can see the whole design process, from an image of inspiration, to first toiles, fittings and a sketch.

This is MILAGROS PEREDA’s first fitting, of the 20 outfit collection she is creating. Some of the looks here have changed and evolved, and have not been photographed yet. All of the looks are created with natural fibers, interveined manually in different ways such as prints, paint, pleats. The silhouettes are oversized and don’t adjust to a certain body.