Milli Welch is studying at Kingston School of Art. She has been able to explore a variety of fashion design techniques and has been able to collaborate with all different art disciplines.

Within all the work Milli creates, people are her main focus. She’s fascinated by individuals change makers, outsiders and family and how these constitute to the society we live in. In these harsh times people are what hold us together using fabrics that are either second hand or personally come from someone else is incredibly important within her design process and they give a backstory to everything she creates.

Although fashion has taken a backseat in this current climate it is still Milli’s main focus and designing is what keeps her going. Interested in all art forms, the future of her work is evolving and the more she changes, grows and learns the more her work will follow suit. She will never be someone to stick to one way of creating and by thriving off people, collaboration in fashion design is the way forward if anyone wants to get anywhere.