Millie’s collection was driven by the idea that we see ourselves as ‘creative’ or ‘non-creative’. Inspired by wooden joinery, childhood toys, and jewellery mechanisms the pieces in her collection can come together in a multitude of different ways. Through her collection, Millie wanted to give the audience a space to create their own jewellery without needing prior experience in making jewellery.

Millie’s collection uses a variety of materials, including wood, gemstones, metal and rope adding many layers to the possible outcomes that can come from the pieces. The pieces reflect the space we used to explore when we would play for endless hours with the same building blocks during our childhood. There are no wrong answers with what can be made, giving a safe space to the audience for play and exploration.

When Millie wears something she’s made, she feels a huge sense of pride; her collection gives the audience a chance to feel some of that pride by playing a part in making the piece, and being able to change the piece as they wish.