Millie Wootton’s graduate collection ‘Dissidence’ was influenced by the forgotten British 1950’s subculture ‘Teddy Girls’. Millie wanted to create a collection that both used detailed texture, Teddy Girl attitude and traditional edwardian silhouette which show off her personal design style, as well as her love for handcrafted detail and intricacy. Her collection is based around an ivory and sage colour palette to bring a sense of femininity and egelance.

Using collage, hand made textures and graphic tapes she has created a bright yet tonal collection. These show a range of collage styles from graphic to very textural. Using these, Millie then scanned her sketches into photoshop to be cleaned up which could then be layered to create look boards and muse development. Each look has been displayed along with each garment flat drawing and images of key features of each garment. The colour palette developed from 1950’s posters that were targetted at the British housewife, everything that the Teddy Girls stood against.

This is Millie’s range plan and final lineup. It shows aspects of tech packs that provide key details within the designs.

Here are two of Millie’s tech packs, including personal branding and how to fold each garment correctly in order to be packaged. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 she was only able to complete two tech packs, but is planning to produce more very soon.