By applying the logic of art to fashion, MinGi Song is a designer who try to accomplish new achievement. He is a recently graduated Menswear fashion Designer based in Seoul.

He graduated MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear at London College of Fashion this year. He studied how the fashion could achieve artistry with satisfying the commercial requirements.

The project is based on a migration of gender in the context of couture and resulting Surrealism. Analysis was undertaken into key signifiers of couture iconography and translated through cut, silhouette, colour and the craft of making for the male form. The collection employs a sustainable approach to modular feathered attachments.

He combined the Bar Jacket with an image of bird to construct collection. For applying the symbolism of the Bar Jacket, which was dream wear to women in the past, to men, it was conducted the analysis of Bar-jacket constrctionand technique as well. At the same time, it combined with the transcendental characteristic of the Loplop which is drawn by Ernst. The various colours of the silk jackets and paper feathers created based on Ernst's technical techniques, represent the designer's unconsciousness which give us infinity.