This project is started from my family. During the lock down spending times at home in Korea, I was thinking that this could be the perfect time for working on something about my family. I was thinking a lot about my grandfather who passed away few years ago. This can be my eulogy for him. He loved going fishing and also drinking during the fishing trips with his friends. Like these 2things are the most significant things when I think of him. It can be really literal but I decided to work on things what he, my parents and I love.

Inspiration images for the first line; Old man loved fishing and drinking When I think of the nicest guy in my life-my grandfather stands out. He always loved going fishing with his friends and his grand daughter-me. I do remember every Sunday, he went fishing and came back home showing off how big the fish he caught was. He passed away because he drank too much, but I do believe this is because he was Such a sweet person and felt obliged to drink with his beloved friends during his fishing trips. Drinking took my sweetest person ever from my life but now I adore everything that He loved and he did, every memory with him is such a precious and amazing gift That I cherish. This project is dedicated to my grandfather for his eternal and unconditional support, patience and love, It is my eulogy for him. The project aims to explore the most of the ways of using/ playing with materials; leather moulding, coiling and interaction btw leather and other sources.
This is first line up sketch and renders; range plan- my grand father: old man loved fishing and drinking. I tried to make a balance between iconic bags I would like to say showing the concept of the collection, crazy shapes and some of wearable, practical and more like reasonable shapes of bags such as fishing utility bags and fishing backpack that you can wear in in 3 different ways.

When it comes to first theme, my grandfather about fishing and drinking theme, I was really working on the realising the shape that I sketched. It includes many of quite diffcult shapes to make in leather. On the bottom line, I explored many of ways to realise the shapes such as Leather molding, coiling and also interaction with btw other materials such as wicker and leather. Fishing theme can be presented in leather molding and knotting details. For drinking part, I made sake bottle inspired SLG, I used the oriental Gould dried veggie for having a strong frame. And I added up the drawstring pouch inside having actual practicality. I dont have actual bags for sea-figures leather molding bags, but I do think, in the future if I can work on them, it would be very nice. About Fish shaped pouch, I mainly work on draping leather on the rigid salpa frame, I added up the functionality on the actual fish shape meaning that the fin part of the fish is actually working as a zip puller. I strongly believe even though design should be fun and exciting, when it comes to bags, it should include the functionality each of element there. Clam bags, there’s a difficulty of production of making a big size of molding so I came up with cushioned clam shaped pouch. Two of them. One has German assembly pouch inside and smaller one with a draw string pouch. Finally the wicker fishing ball bags, made in a wicker. The big one’s ropes are the moulded in splited leather and attached with leather straps knotting on the body.

Second theme golfing is about my parents. They simply love golfing like all day everyday talking about golfing.. So when I stayed at home, I almost got sick of their passion about golfing. And plus my mom, even though her passion of the sport, she is pretty struggling Like she is not the best golfer. So I designed small golf ball pouch for her in any case she lost her golf ball out of the woods.

I designed one golf caddie handbag and crossbody. Both are having the golf caddie bag features itself. But of course we don’t need to carry all the heavy and very professional golf practicality-element on the bag, I got rid of all of them but only keeping the shape and the space for storage. On the range plan, most of the designs, we can actually find those for golf brand equipment, but I added a little bit of design touch so it doesn’t really look like ‘ a real golf thing’ About Golf caddie inspired hand bag, I got those lines from real golf caddie bag by deconstructing of the bag. What I like about the bag is, everything in the bag is leather. Straps are covered In leather and the lock knot for the straps are also same as the straps. Just leather. No metal pieces. I think this bag really shows the way I want to approach to designing leather bags.

Inspiration images for second line; Instrumental cases-Music calms me The last theme is about my self. I love playing instruments. I would say playing instruments and listening to classic music calms me down, and it is so necessary to me since my head is always full of thoughts. I love playing piano mainly but I was also in the band as flute player. When I was younger I also played Korean traditional instruments, such as double sided drum.

When it comes to Jangu; Korean traditional duble sided drum, I found the shape really interesting, I sketched the instrumental shaped bag with two flaps each sides, and the bags for the instrument-shaped bag.